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How This Works

Here is a brief run-down on how FireFly works on the front end, from the learnerís perspective. This is a demo site, so you can try it out yourself. Pick something to register for, complete the form, and access the resource. Donít worry about items with prices attached to them, everything is free. We just wanted to indicate that you could, if you wished, set up eCommerce payment gateways to learning resources if necessary.

For a personal online run through of the back end record-keeping capabilities of FireFly, contact:

Rick Nigol
Co-founder & Senior Consultant
eLearn Campus

Step 1

Learner finds the resource in which he/she is interested using the "List By" or "Search" tools.

Step 2

Learner can find out more about that resource and register (or purchase if a price is attached to it) for it.

Step 3

Learner registers by creating an account

Step 4

Learner taken to "My Account" page, which lists the resources to which he/she has access.

Step 5

Learner accesses resource.

Step 6

Learner completes the quiz.

Step 7

Learner accesses certificate.


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