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What is FireFly?


FireFly is an intuitive, easy-to-use, automated learning management system that allows organizations to:


  • Post learning resources to the web (e.g. Flash files, documents, podcasts, videos, webinar recordings, training aids, quizzes, etc.)
  • Provide a way for learners to search their catalogue of learning resources, create their own accounts, pay for (if necessary), access learning resources, complete quizzes, and print off certificates of completion (if applicable).
  • Track usage of all learning resources and produce a number of different reports


How do I know that FireFly is the right solution for my organization?


FireFly is the right solution for your organization if:


  • You are looking for a simple, straight-forward way of posting material to the web, controlling access to this, and monitoring usage of this
  • You feel that most learning management systems on the market have too many features than you will pay for, but not use. You feel LMS’s are overly-complex and require long learning curves to master and are way too expensive
  • You will only be uploading your own eLearning resources, and not integrating eLearning courses from other organizations or third-party suppliers
  • You do not have a large IT department to set up, run and support a learning management system and are happy to have someone else host it for you
  • You are looking for an automated system that virtually runs itself


How can my organization control access to our learning resources?


Learners register themselves into FireFly. You can either provide PIN#s to those you want accessing your system, or you can have an eCommerce-enabled payment gateway that controls who has access to what on your system.


How can FireFly be customized for my organization?


The look and feel of your FireFly installation can be completely customized to  your organization in terms of labeling and the use of your brand’s colour palette and logo.


We need to test and prove course completion and comprehension by learners (for compliance or other reasons). Can FireFly do this?


You can integrate quizzes with learning resources, and see results via the backend administration functions of FireFly. You can also monitor course progress in the back end. And, if necessary, PDF certificates can be generated for learners upon successful completion of a course.


What if I would like to have learners participate in online discussions?


You can create discussion forums and relate these to any resource you upload to FireFly. Learners who register for that resource are automatically provided with access to the corresponding forum.


What kind of reports can be generated from FireFly’s back end database?


You can customize a wide range of reports on usage of your eLearning resources, including:


  • Course (or resource) registrations by participant by time period
  • Course completions by participant by time period
  • Course non-completions by participant by time period
  • Total registrations by course (or resource) by time period
  • Revenue (if applicable) by source by time period
  • Summary of course feedback by course by time period

Can FireFly be used to manage in-person learning/training events as well?

Yes, you can have prospective learners register (and pay if necessary) for in-person events. Instead of receiving access to an eLearning resource, registrants can be given access to a PDF document that provides all the information they need (eg. dates and location, map, schedule, session information, logistical information, etc.). You could also provide pre-session reading material. And this could all be done automatically, with very little adminstrative follow-up necessary.

What does FireFly cost?

There is a one-time set-up and customization fee of $10,000 + HST (Canadian clients).
Thereafter, a licensing / hosting fee allows for up to 500 users for an annual fee of $5,000 + HST.

Once over 500 users, hosting costs break down as follows:

Next 500 Users:                               $4 / user + HST

Next 1,000 Users:                            $3 / user + HST

Next 1,000 Users:                            $2 / user + HST

Every User Beyond 3,000 Users:       $1 / user + HST

How long does it take to set up a FireFly installation?

A normal installation with a minimum of customization (e.g. branding only) takes about 1 month.

Is training available for FireFly?

Yes, we will fully train whoever in your organization will be responsible for administering FireFly. However, this usually takes no more than an afternoon as the system is so easy to use.


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