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How to Bring eLearning to Life: Graphical Choices & Tools
Subject:   Graphic Design
For:   Training Directors, eLearning Managers, Instructional Designers, Graphic Designers
Learning Objectives:  
  • Examine the role of graphic design as an aid in communication and learning
  • Explore learning styles (including your own) and how these impact decisions around design
  • Consider strategies for improving your organization's approach to the graphic design of your eLearning
Release Date:   2011-04-07
Time Allowed:   8.33 hours
Cost:   $20.00

Author(s): Rick Nigol and Anie Kojarian

Achieving success in eLearning is dependent on many factors: meeting the right training needs at the right time, having highly focused learning objectives, creating active learning environments, measuring results, etc. However, there is one element in the mix that often gets short-shrift: graphical engagement. In other words, how can we use the principles of good graphic design to make eLearning more engaging for learners? How can we appeal to different learning styles (visual, auditory, kineshetic), and bring our eLearning to life, through better design?

This webinar recording examines the principles of good graphic design, how good design can help improve the learning experience and assist in the achievement of learning objectives, and demonstrates examples of good and bad design.

Note: This is a demo site, we do not charge for resources. However, if your organization was charging for resources, FireFly  could facilitate this via PayPal.


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