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Beyond Blah: Using Games and Simulations to Keep Learners Motivated
Subject:   Games and Simulations
For:   Training Directors, eLearning Managers, Instructional Designers
Learning Objectives:  
  • Explore the ways that games and simulations can increase learners' motivation to learn
  • Discover how you can create engaing games and simulations without breaking the bank
  • Experience a simulation
Release Date:   2011-04-07
Time Allowed:   3.33 hours
Cost:   $0.00

Author(s): Rick Nigol and Michael Grant

Much eLearning that gets produced is, charitably speaking, boring. When faced with one-dimensional, no-interactive electronic page-turning, even the dullest, non-interactive in-person training session shines in comparison.

Some innovative organizations are reversing this trend by taking their cue from the electronic gaming industry. They are creating interactive training games and simulations that engage all of the learners' senses and, most importantly, their brains. This type of approach, when done well, can lead to learners so motivated that they do everything they can to find the time to do the training, as opposed to finding ways to avoid it.

This webinar recording focuses on realistic ways that you can take your eLearning "beyond blah." It features an examination of an innovative simulation on health care risk management.


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