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Using Simulations to Bring eLearning to Life
Subject:   eLearning Simulations
For:   Training Directors, eLearning Managers, Instructional Designers
Learning Objectives:  
  • Explore the ways in which simulations foster active learning
  • Discover the key ingredients that make simulations effective
  • Experience a live demonstration of a simulation about change mangement
Release Date:   2011-04-07
Time Allowed:   8.33 hours
Cost:   $20.00

Author(s): Rick Nigol and Michael Grant

Simulations provide learners with realistic scenarios in which they must analyze situations, make decisions, and, ultimately, solve problems. They make the learning realistic, contextual and applied. Simulations foster an experiential learning cycle: explore - experience - reflect - apply.

This webinar recording presents ideas on how you cn use simulations to help bring eLearning to life.

Note: This is a demo site, we do not charge for resources. However, if your organization was charging for resources, FireFly could facilitate this via PayPal.


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