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Welcome to the FireFly Demo Site!

FireFly is a stripped down learning management system (LMS) that makes it very easy for organizations to post learning content, control access to learning content (via an eCommerce payment gateway or Personal Identification Numbers) and to monitor activity (e.g. registrations, course completions, learner feedback, certificates issued).


FireFly is a completely automated system that saves you time and money. Learners set up their own accounts, run through learning modules, complete quizzes and print off their own PDF certificates upon completion.  And FireFly is completely branded to your organization.


This demo site is a sand box, feel free to try it out.

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Using Simulations to Bring eLearning to Life
This webinar recording presents ideas on how you can use simulations to help bring your eLearning to life.

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How to Bring eLearning to Life: Graphical Choices & Tools
This webinar recording examines principles of good graphic design, how good design can help improve the learning experience and assist in the achievement of learning objectives, and demonstrates examples of good and bad design.

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Beyond Blah: Using Games and Simulations to Keep Learners Motivated
This webinar recording focuses on realistic ways that you can take your eLearning "beyond blah." It features an examination of an innovative simulation on health care risk management.

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